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An unforgettable country

An unforgettable country

As I mentioned in the introduction, it is a trip to Cambodia in 2003 revealed to me my vocation as a traveler. On my return to France, I was not the same. Upset by the emotional shock that I lived there, I have been constantly traveling want to leave to go on living such intense experiences. There are eleven, it was a country that opened just tourism, emerging from decades of war and genocide with the Khmer Rouge regime. There were at most four streets paved throughout Phnom Penh, some Angkor temples were closed to the public, you could sleep gratos in makeshift huts on the beach of Sihanoukville ... Everything has changed a lot since from what tell travelers. Rice fields and peasants who work there must always be against by the same ... I enjoyed the writing of this article to get my old photos some silver and one scanner (photos above and below). I would love to go back to see how it is now! If you win, you take me with you? ;-) Good luck everyone!

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Partying with the elite of Telecom in the Philippines


The best parties are often the most unexpected. That's what happened during my trip to the Philippines in February. In press trip mode, I had not had much opportunity to party, to my regret ... Until last night, where our hotel (Bellevue Bohol), organized the annual seminar of heading 2 Telecom Filipinos. They privatized the bar and the music resonates throughout the hotel. With our guide, we get permission to attend the evening. Crazy atmosphere! Many are dressed in neon on the theme of the 80s I discover with pleasure the sense of celebration Filipinos deserve their reputation as the "Latino in Asia." Everyone sings and dances in a charged atmosphere! I am the only one with an SLR and DG wonder if I can make a group photo. What I do willingly. I then took the opportunity to sneak in the middle for me also have a souvenir photo of the evening. The funny detail is that without careful, I put my hand on the knee of Deputy CEO to catch me because I lose my balance, and I sit in front of the CEO (the man who smiles hidden behind I). Almost as if in France, I incrustais to Martin Bouygues and Xavier Niel on the group photo ... But fortunately, they did not want me and I have good contacts now for my next trip to the Philippines.

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My first time in New York

My first time in New York

sunny 16 °C

I waited long before my first trip to New York. This is not envy that was missing in me, but I was not pressed. I knew that "the city that never sleeps" please me, it was obvious. I like to keep dreams in a corner of my head, in front of a world map fantasize about all the places where I have never gone. The world is so vast to go. I found Hong Kong, Shanghai or Toronto before New York. The skylines bristling with skyscrapers have always fascinated me. That of Manhattan, it seems to have always known; so view and re-view TV, pictures or the movies. Sung by Frank Sinatra, U2 or Jay Z, Phone, Renaud and Claude Nougaro, New York, is not unknown even for those who visit for the first time.
My first view of the skyscrapers of Manhattan, it was through the fences of the Williamsburg Bridge. It's very moving to see for the first time the Empire State Building or the Freedom Tower (or 1 WTC), which has now replaced the void left by the twin towers of World Trade Center. Stopover in the "Big Apple" for three days between Rio de Janeiro and Paris, I had taken up residence in Williamsburg, a very good area to find a rental in New York. Cheaper than Manhattan, but very close and easily accessible on foot or by metro. Painted pink and decorated by street artists, the Williamsburg Bridge is a fine introduction to discover New York.
Very soon we find ourselves on Wall Street, a little world headquarters of finance. So re-view and view photos on TV or in the movies that it seems to have always known too.
There I discovered the food trucks in New York. For 3 or 4 dollars, you can have a fresh fruit juice and customized, "health drink", "immune boost" or "cleansing tonic" ... I really flashed on food trucks in New York. Kebabs, pizzas, yagourts, hot dogs, ice cream, coffees ... We find all kinds and it is a pleasure to eat in the street in New York!

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Les rebelles des FARC de Colombie intensifier les attaques é

Les rebelles des FARC de Colombie ont abattu trois policiers jeudi et ramenés un mât de l'énergie

Des membres des FARC ou les Forces armées révolutionnaires de Colombie, ont ouvert le feu sur les trois policiers qui patrouillent un tronçon de la Pan-American Highway sud-ouest de jeudi et a fait exploser à quelques kilomètres sur la même route.

Le 8000-forte FARC levé un cessez le feu unilatéral il ya environ trois semaines et a depuis touché presque tous les jours à des routes, des réseaux électriques et des camions de pétrole brut et de pipelines, de polluer les réserves d'eau dans le sud-ouest bastion des rebelles.

Le groupe d'insurgés a été en pourparlers avec le gouvernement pour les 30 derniers mois, cherchant à mettre fin à un conflit de 51 ans qui a tué près d'un quart de million de personnes. Les négociations se sont poursuivies malgré les attaques se sont intensifiées.

Mois de la détente par rapport terminé en Avril quand les FARC tué 11 soldats dans la province de Cauca qui avaient trouvé refuge contre la pluie, la rupture essentiellement un cessez-le il a commencé en Décembre.

Les troupes gouvernementales ont ensuite tué 27 rebelles, ce qui incite les FARC à reprendre les hostilités.

Les pourparlers ont progressé en dépit d'un contexte quasi-constante de combats depuis qu'ils ont commencé. Les cinq points sur l'ordre du jour comprennent les réparations aux victimes, la réforme agricole, en éliminant le commerce de la cocaïne, de la démobilisation et de la participation politique des rebelles.

Les FARC, qui a commencé en 1964 comme un mouvement paysan, veut le président Juan Manuel Santos de consentir à un cessez le feu bilatéral, et les analystes comptera les dernières attaques visent à mettre en colère Colombiens afin qu'ils lui pression pour une trêve.

Il a jusqu'ici refusé et a condamné les attaques comme irrationnel et ayant aucune explication. Ministre de la Défense Juan Carlos Pinzon a claqué dirigeants des FARC comme ayant la «mentalité d'idiots."

Les réseaux de télévision ont montré des vidéos enregistrées sur les téléphones portables des conducteurs de camions-citernes d'huile étant forcé par les FARC pour vider les milliers de barils de brut qu'ils portaient sur l'autoroute. Dix-neuf camions ont été contraints de décharger le lundi, puis plusieurs autres jeudi.

Plusieurs milliers de barils de pétrole brut se sont déversés dans une rivière dans le sud-ouest en Colombie, le lundi après les FARC bombardé un oléoduc appartenant à la compagnie pétrolière d'Etat Ecopetrol. Son directeur général, Juan Carlos Echeverry, a appelé les dégâts d'une «tragédie de l'environnement."

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7 out of 10 French are not working for Whit Monday

Public holiday or day worked? Whit Monday is normally a day of solidarity towards the elderly. In fact, only 3 out of 10 employees are working.

Is always Whit Monday public holiday? Since 2004, this day is indeed worked, but the wages of the employees goes to the state, specifically a solidarity fund for the elderly. Over the years, the rule is nevertheless relaxed. The administration is well off, like the National Education. And when the children have no class, parents often stay home too. Result: in 2015, only 3 out of 10 French working for Pentecost.

Which work?

The holiday of Whit Monday was created in 1801. In the Catholic religion, it marks the arrival of the Holy Spirit to the apostles. This holiday is added more to the already numerous nonworking days of May (1st and 8 May, Ascension), and had returned to the habits of the French.

But in 2004, marked by the deadly summer heat wave, the Raffarin government decides to cancel a holiday in solidarity with the elderly. This is the day of Pentecost Monday is chosen. Clearly, everyone is working that day for free: salary is donated to a specific background. The money raised helps fund and modernize nursing homes, home help create jobs specifically for older or put in place measures for the disabled.

But the French have trouble getting used to the idea of ​​losing their Whit Monday. In 2008, the Fillon government relaxes so far. All employees must work well one day in the year for older people, but each company to set the date. Some keep Whit Monday. Other suppress an RTT, another holiday, or spread the seven hours more over the year. Some companies even offer their employees today, paying their salaries and the equivalent to the state. In practice, Whit Monday remains largely unpaid private. But as the public service has chosen not to work on (ie including schools), many employees prefer to be a day off and stay home for Whit Monday.

2.46 billion euros harvested

This idea of ​​solidarity day is not new: invented in the US, it is also applied in Germany. In France, it continues to debate. Some unions believe that the idea of ​​a working day without pay is not legal because "all work deserves." Conversely, Medef proposed to abolish two holidays, creating 100,000 jobs.

This day of solidarity reported 0.3% of the annual payroll this solidarity fund. In 2014, 2.46 billion euros had been raised for the elderly. The same amount should be collected in 2015.

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