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Hit the Mediterranean ports

From Rome to Istanbul via Athens, Beirut and Alexandria ... It is the journey proposed by the exhibition "Mediterraneans, the great cities yesterday to people today" who stands to J1 18 May Finally Marseille per course, which we understand much better the identity and cultural wealth at the end of this course. This is really one of the best exhibition I've seen recently, and managed to marry great history with the latest news. All in a beautiful setting, made with container shipping ... Special mention to the films, with lots of testimonials. A Tunisian lawyer tells the story of two youths sentenced to 7 years in prison for posting cartoons on Facebook ... libannaise A woman shares her memories of girl who experienced the war in Beirut ... Young Egyptians of Alexandria talk about their dreams of freedom and travel ... Greeks, their fight against the crisis and the demonstrations in Athens ... The Marseilles who express their love for "the most beautiful city in the world" ...

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The Titanic sunk off Halifax

It is just over a thousand kilometers of coast in Halifax, that on 15 April 1912, the Titanic sank, with its 2,200 passengers and crew members. Port nearest importance, so by the time the boats left in charge of recovering the bodies of the victims. The whole story of this tragic sinking is told at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Halifax (super interesting also on the maritime history of the province with many ship models). Objects recovered by rescue ships are on display. Of the 300 body (for 1,500 victims) found, 150 were buried in Halifax, most at Fairview Cemetery. The pilgrimage is worth seeing. A square is reserved for victims of the Titanic. Many steles with the mention "Died April 15, 1912 ..." followed by a number ... because not identified. One of them nonetheless centralises most attention: that of a "J. Dawson," the name of the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio in James Cameron's Titanic. Yet it is just a coincidence. This is actually a certain Joseph Dawson, an Irish machinist who worked on the boat. But the attraction of the film and the legend are stronger than the rest. We so want to believe that we imagine will visit the grave of Jack / Leonardo. It is not important the link between reality and fiction. Many scenes of Titanic James Cameron have also been turned off Halifax. The history of the ship and the city are inextricably linked.

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A world tour to support a family experience

Swiss Army knives and inflatable travel pillows: the list of the most family purchases D. before school starts ... Because on September 3, the day of the resumption of the school, the small Nell, 9, will not be in its CM1 class at Lille ... but out and about in New York with his parents! They leave every three to tour the world!

"We wanted to take a break, a parenthesis in our professional lives to live a family experience," says Stéphane, 45, a communications consultant agency. "If we wait for retirement to leave to tour the world, and although it may wait a long time !! "With his wife Isabelle, 46, buying in a group of mail, they asked a sabbatical, rented their house to students who, in addition, will take care of the cat ... and take off on 1 September for the States UNite. Follow Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia ... and finally South Africa, which will join the eldest of the family, Gaby, 23, who is graduating this year.

"The trigger, it was the age of our daughter, 9 years old, in CM1, this is the perfect year to go. Next year, CM2, it would have been harder. On her return she would live dive into the deep end of the college. " A departure prepared in close collaboration with the school. Having missed the solution of Cned, too constraining for them. Stéphane and Isabelle will make the class Monday to Friday, one to two hours a day, following the curriculum of the teacher Nell should have had. Every quarter, it will send them an assessment of the main achievements grid. In their bag-to-back, they take an iPad with educational applications level CM1 and textbooks math and French. "For the other subjects, geography, foreign languages ​​... Nell will learn ten times more than his comrades remained in France," says Stéphane. The girl will have more personal space on the travel blog of the family, to tell her own adventures.

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Paris U2 Moscow web series broadcast on the Internet

From Paris to Moscow hitchhiked to see U2 in concert ... More than 4,000 km through 6 countries, with 35 different drivers! We stayed all the way through the homestay couchsurfing. Parties without concert tickets, our goal was a bit crazy for us to provide to the stage of Moscow!

Our adventure with Emily became a movie U2 Paris Moscow, which I have repeatedly spoken on this blog. After several screenings in travel festivals in Paris, Avignon and Caen (next meeting in Nantes March 30, 2014), and having deposited an English version of our film U2 Moscow Paris at the headquarters of U2 in Dublin (unanswered for now ...) we decided to release our film on the Internet as a web series in 12 episodes. We have published the entire month of November and December on our Vimeo channel. Here they are in their entirety!

Finally, I just wanted to share a message received on my Facebook page a certain Mathieu, which really touched me ... "Just to tell you that I found your great web series, you really feel your trip! And I want to thank you for showing us how with little money we can do many things and much more human! Thank you for inspiring me to travel! "

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Saving Manila steel Basilica!

This is an unsung treasure Manila Who does not appear any travel guide * In ... The San Sebastian Basilica of YET BEEN a One of my favorites of the Philippine capital. Located in the Quiapo district, near the tourist downtown and Chinatown, is a church built entirely of steel, single CAS UN Asia. The kind of place Who you touch with a fascinating history, and Let not forget.

Built in June First Time wooden seventeenth century, San Sebastian Basilica SEVERAL a liver destroyed by summer fires, ou earth tremors, frequent IN THIS payroll, and tirelessly rebuilt ... EVERY time ... Up the late nineteenth century or non Spanish architect Genario Palacios, imagine June Completely new solution: a steel structure, capable of Who Would Resist the liver fire and earthquakes. The steel structure is built entirely in the UN workshop in Belgium, then the 52 tons of steel shipped by boat until Manila. The new San Sebastian Basilica, neo-Gothic and metal construction is officiellement WELL dedicated in 1891.

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